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housematehorror's Journal

We like to bitch about slobs.
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Tales of horror from shared accommodation
If you've lived in shared accommodation before, I don't doubt you know exactly what this community is about already.

Dishes left in the sink for weeks on end. Things growing in shower plugholes. Rent, phone bills, power bills unpaid. Dirty underwear left on top of the TV. Ridiculously loud sex noises coming from the next room when you're having an over-the-phone job interview. All these things and more are the perils of living in a sharehouse, flat, dorm... you may have moved in with a friend and thought you'd get along great, only to discover they like to clip their toenails on the kitchen table. You may have moved in with complete strangers in the vain hope you'd have something in common, only to discover they have a penchant for growing poisonous exotic plants in the bathtub. You may have moved out of your parents' house with your brother or sister, only to discover that once out of the nest they spend all their rent money on booze and leave you in the lurch. We understand. We're here for you. WE HATE HORROR HOUSEMATES!!!

On the other hand, you may be a person with what you see as an average, normal level of cleanliness. Or maybe you know you're a slob. But you're totally sick of your obsessive-compulsive, paranoid, control freak, perfectionist housemate always nagging you and cleaning up your stuff - that's fine too! Bitch about it here!

Whatever your dilemma, if it's caused by someone you live with, post about it here. You'll be sure to find sympathy from like-minded people who enjoy such things as personal hygiene and not being in debt!


RULES ARE HERE. THEY MUST BE READ BEFORE POSTING. http://community.livejournal.com/housematehorror/22464.html


If you want to bitch and rant but are afraid that your LJ-capable Horror Housemates might see your post, simply email me at matsuda_buri[at]hotmail[dot]com and I will make the post for you! Please put the subject line as something relating to the comm or an anon post, so I don't disregard it as junk mail (basically make it distinguishable from Nigerian princes and people trying to sell me fake watches and medicine).

If you don't know how to make a cut etc, LJ FAQ IS HERE:

- I didn't put this community down as Adult Content as it's not going to be exactly pornographic, but be warned: May contain copious amounts of (entirely understandable) swearing, and tales of slobbishness and possible debauchery.
- Feel free to complain about landlords/neighbours/other renting problems too, while you're at it.

What is the atmosphere of the community?
Not as heartless as wtf_omgz, but with the same sort of dry humour and intolerance for things we hate (there it's Fail, here it's Slobs). With a similar sort of blunt approach to grossness as tmi_chix, only it's about other people, not your own cunt.

Can I...
YES! Join! Post! Whinge! Bitch! Complain! Go! Go! Goooooo!

I'm aware that on the internet you can find a few generic horror housemate stories that go around on websites, so here are links to those that have ALREADY BEEN POSTED so you can know not to post them again. :)

http://www.wyseguys.com/shittyroomate.asp "Jed"
http://shiroioji.livejournal.com/114944.html "Shay"

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