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The Upstairs Lady

I'm sooo glad this community still exists so we can read back on other people's bad experiences and feel less alone. My experience was nowhere near as bad as most of what I've read here, but here goes.

My wife and I moved to a new province a few months ago and ended up renting the basement of a house occupied by a woman I'm going to call KC. She was the one in charge, though we think maybe she was actually leasing the house from the actual homeowner and sort of just allowed to do what she wanted.

Anyway, she was around 35 and had two twin boys, age 7. They were only around some evenings/weekends, and KC worked weird hours because she managed a pub. Here's the run-down of our bad situation:

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Hate Living With Family

First off, I should let you all know that I live with my mom, my sister K, and my daughter L. My mom works full-time, third shifts in a factory. My sister works full-time at Wendy's and she's 8 months pregnant. She's 20 years old. I live off a substitute teacher's salary and measly child support (my daughter's dad lies about how much he makes).

So, we have a 4 bedroom house (the garage was added onto the house before we moved in and someone converted it into a bedroom). House has a bathroom and a half. My mom owns our home so we don't have a house payment but she does pay property taxes and of course utilities. My mom spends money faster than she makes it and then is constantly asking K and I for money. Of course, K tells her no so I have to end up giving her whatever I have left over from my bills. I pay my part of the cellphone bill, my student loan, and the rest goes to stuff for L. My mom buys anything just because it's on sale so we have a storage room full of random crap that nobody is ever going to use. I've been trying to down-size but it's a lost cause at this point since most of the stuff isn't even mine.

K thinks the world revolves around her and she thinks that she doesn't have to help with bills even though she uses the electricity, takes a shower, eats MY food. I buy all the groceries in the house and K invites her random "boyfriends" over and they eat all my food. Side note, she has no idea who her baby's father is so she's told two different guys that they are the father because she thinks they're going to give her money. Ha! Good one. Neither of them even speak to her. She is completely incapable of picking up after herself. She won't wash her own dishes, doesn't clean her room (there are clothes and trash everywhere), leaves her dishes and food in the living room, stays up all hours of the night playing loud rap music, etc. My mom has kicked her out twice but she keeps popping back up here. She has a $185 speeding ticket that she won't pay and one of our cousins put her light bill in K's name and racked it up to almost $1,000 and K won't take care of it. She is so irresponsible, I hate to see what it's going to be like when her baby is here.

My mom just recently dumped her boyfriend of two years because he lived here the whole time they were together (she kicked him out once for a month and he went to live with another woman) and never helped with bills. She even put him on our cellphone plan and he wouldn't pay his part of it. He always had money for alcohol and cigarettes though. He even literally threw away over $300 one night because he got drunk and was trying to impress his drinking buddies. He stole $200 from my mom that same night and blamed it on K. So, we've had some drama with all this. I just hate living with K. She drives me absolutely insane.

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I have a big house, and two kiddos, so I rent out the bottom two bedrooms and the finished basement as a shared accommodation scenario to help out with cash.

I'd like to say that goes well, but if it had, I wouldn't be here. Almost every single one has been horrid in some way, but the last two..

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Now I'm hoping this next one goes okay. On this short of notice, I couldn't find much. The guy moving in is young, a single dad, just settled joint custody with his kids and needs somewhere he can live full time but where there's a second room that the kids can come stay in when he has them. Although, he's young - he says his job is a rapper/performer, and initially he was looking for a single mom to live with, though he's 'okay' with the fact that I'm engaged and my fiance lives with me.

Haha, on another note, my fiance is freaking out a little. All we've had so far is female tenants, and now he's like "What? a MAN is moving in here? I 100% trust you, but I don't know if I'm comfortable with A MAN living here with you" and I was just like, "Seriously, we've lived with females, I've had to deal with you living in the same house as other girls, deal with it"
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Aaaaaaaaawkwaaaaaaaaaaaard housemate hit on me last night. (TW for very brief mention of rape - not in this story, in the past, it wasn't that bad!).

I live in a shared house.  There are five bedrooms, and a shared kitchen, bathroom, and garden.  Recently, one of our housemates moved out, leaving a bottle of wine as a gift for the rest of us.  Other housemate, Y., decided t claim it, and asked me if I wanted some last night.  I recently got a job(!) so I said yes to celebrate that.  He's asked me to share a drink with him before, and I've said no because I've been poor and anti-social, but this time it was equally mine, so I didn't feel weird about that.  Also, I wasn't sure if he was asking me as a housemate or a woman before, though I figured I was probably just being vain, especially when other housemate, G., said that Y. kept asking him to do stuff, too.

Anyway, we sat in the garden and drank wine and talked for an hour or two.  We talked about relationships, and he told me a charming story about his coworker getting a woman's phone number while working (door to door sales), calling her five minutes later, and going round to have sex with her immediately.  Apparently this made her a slut and him a totally normal guy with NEEDS.  He then expanded on the idea that all men, everywhere, have needs that NEED to be fulfilled and blahblahblah.  I pointed out that he was being sexist and misogynistic.  I probably should have taken that as a warning side.

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I live in apartment with two people. One of them is awesome, and we've become good friends. The other... not so much. Here are all the things that have led me to rant about her.

1. She never buys any of the household supplies. Once she bought 4 rolls of TP, and she considers that enough contribution even though the other girl and I have bought a whole lot more stuff than that.

2. She never takes the trash out or contributes to the cleaning of any areas of the apartment that aren't her own room.

3. When we had to clean the apartment for inspection, she told us that she wasn't going to help because she didn't care if she got kicked out as she was leaving at the end of the semester anyway.

4. She blares her music and/or tv at odd hours and doesn't seem to care if others are trying to sleep.

5.This weekend, she decided to invite her boyfriend over to stay without telling any of us. So I walk out this morning in my pajamas to discover a strange man coming out of the bathroom. He's never been here before, it was 8 in the morning, and she didn't bother telling us he was here.

At least she will only be here for a few more weeks, but after the boyfriend thing I had to rant.
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Land Lord Terror

Video I made paired with this

Does anyone have any stories involving crazy landlords, tenants, roomates, relatives etc. that they had to deal and live with? Feel free to share yours in the comments or private message. Sharing my experience me and my future husband had with our previous landlord. He would attempt to restrict people we know coming over, trying to kicck them out within the same day they arrive, friends who wre ready to take long trips and set to stay with us for a week, well it went from that to three days because "three days is enough" when you are driving from new jersey to michigan or flying in from russia. The same excuse "It's my house!" to justify his dickery even though we were paying him over half a grand for rent per month to live in the lower level of the house. Just a hint of the bullshit we dealt with. How bout you guys?

Getting rid of roommates?

Hi everyone, in need of advice here.

Ok so, I rent a house with my boyfriend and a roommate. We're all on the lease. A month ago the roommate drops the news on us that his girlfriend is moving in. Not cool. We told him we didn't want her in (additional crowd, more electricity and water blah blah). He basically said "too bad she's staying" so we came to some compromises. I've given it about a month, and I really don't like the arrangement at all, there's space and personality conflicts that make this place unpleasant So the solution is to officially tell him to get her out, or they both have to move.

This girlfriend is not on the lease, and our land lord has been notified. He says she can't be there without his approval, and obviously he won't give it if we don't want her here.

I told my boyfriend we would just serve them an eviction note on the upcoming month, give 30 days to get out. We'd hope they would cooperate, but what if they don't? Call the cops at that point? (We would also talk to our LL but I wanted to hear from everyone here who may have dealt with this before!)

I tried reading this but it's confusing... Does anyone have advice or knowledge to help me out here on successfully evicting them (if they flat out refuse to leave, worst case scenario).

Thanks :)
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Keep Calm and Carry On

Reason #3 Why My Brother Will NEVER Live With Me

So my older brother moved out last Sunday. In typical fashion (he moved out previously), he left his space in worst condition than he found it. The last time he moved, me and my younger brother spent the better part of 5 hours cleaning up the space. Since that episode resulted in both of us coming down with nasty upper respiratory infections, I refused to clean up the second time.

So yesterday my younger brother went downstairs and cleaned up the two main rooms. Since I was off today, I went to see what else needed to be cleaned. He had did a pretty good job cleaning, but he left the kitchen and bathroom area mostly untouched (it's a mother-in-law suite). As I walked into the kitchen area, I stepped into a giant puddle of water on the carpet. I'm like "the fuck is this?!" and went into the bathroom.

My older brother's toilet has been broken for the past TWO months. Instead of fixing it, he just used the bathroom upstairs. So now the ENTIRE bathroom is flooded with water, and it's starting to spill into the other room. He didn't even bother to tell anyone that the toilet was still broken. He just packed up and left.

And the worst part is that my mother is just going to fix it and clean up the mess herself. I told her that my brother needs to come back to her house and help her clean up. She responds with "he tried to fix it, but he couldn't."

*throws hands in the air*