August 11th, 2008

chris chan


good morning everyone

it seems as though the majority of the people are all for theme days.

i'm gonna put some thought into what themes should be on what days while i'm at work today, but i'll still be taking your ideas for theme days until i get home from work at around 6 my time (that's in 11 hours).
and just do you know, any "worst _____" or "best ______" ideas are all going to go in a theme day idea i have already, so no need to suggest any like that.

basically, what I am trying to say is I'm too tired to be doing this right this instant and I have to get ready for work anyways so there will be a more official post explaining rules and such when I get home from work and possibly even later because i might have dinner as soon as i get home but idk.

anyway, this is your last chance to suggest theme ideas. GOGOGOGOGOGO.

i love you all oh god touch me
chris chan


Sorry this took longer than expected to post. Also sorry that neopets troll wasn't baleeted earlier. I was at work all day and I dunno about the other mods but I'm sure they had their reasons.

Ok so here are the theme days I decided:

Monday: PixPlz Day (post your housemate horror pics. story not necessarily required)
Tuesday: Housemate Heaven Day (post about something good that one of your housemates did)
Wednesday: Role Reversal Day (post about when YOU were the horror)
Thursday: OfftopicOntopic Day (post articles and videos from the news, youtube, other people's blogs, etc. that still relate to housemate horrors)
Friday: Little Annoyances Day (post about the little things that get to you about your roommates, but don't really warrant an actual post)
Saturday: Change Day (post about if you could change ONE thing about your living situation, what it would be)
Sunday: Tips'n'Tricks Day (post tips and tricks on how you've dealt with pesky housemates)

1) All posts must be behind a cut. You are allowed up to a short paragraph describing what is underneath the post, but please try to keep it as short as possible.
2) Anything disturbing or gross must be under a cut and have a warning. If there is animal cruelty in the post, there must be a warning saying so.
3) Any pictures bigger than 600x600 pixels must be under a cut with a warning saying there is a big picture under the cut.
4) No personal attacks.
5) Trolling is absolutely not tolerated. Trolls will be banned.
6) Theme posts are to made only on their given day.
7) Posts that break the rules can and will be deleted without warning.
8) We are brutally honest here, but also try to be sympathetic of the OP's situation.
9) No other font size or color besides regular default font.
10) Use paragraphs during longwinded entries.
11) All entries are to be tagged using the 'theme day' tag and the tag associated to what day it is. Tags are already premade, so after you make an entry, click edit tags and tag them appropriately.

Rules are subject to change, but proper warning will be given.

Also the same rules for regular posts apply to theme posts. If you haven't read the rules for regular posts, please do so now by clicking here.

Also, just a reminder that this does not take away from your right to post the regular posts and rants and stuff we usually have. This is just for something fun to do besides just posting the regular stuff.

This will also be a trial run. For a month. In a month's time I will make another poll asking if you guys still like theme days or if there is anything that should be changed etc.

mushroom_maiden has sort of designated this my thing, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding theme days, you can comment in this post, or message me through livejournal or e-mail me at matsuda_buri [at]