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These Are Things You SHOULD Do:

- Bitch about housemates.

- Swearing is fine.

- Bitching about landlords, neighbours, problems that other people have had, everything related in that manner is also entirely welcome.

- Yes, we do like to be mean here, but try to be nice TO EACH OTHER. No need to all be kissy kissy friends, but be considerate. As an example of behaviour I won't tolerate, an entry was posted in which the OP revealed she was having a tough time, not only being landed with bills for damage she did not do, but her own health problems, and a close family member was predicted to not live very long. Someone replied "Pics or it didn't happen." No. Be sensitive to the situation, guys. Sometimes saying stuff like that is appropriate, sometimes it is not. Learn to judge this. If you behave like a troll, we will treat you like a troll and ban you. If you have a problem with this, email us.

- USE PARAGRAPHS. These horror stories can often get quite long, and it's painful to read something that is one huge chunk of text! Space it out a little. Also, good grammar and good spelling are good.

- USE NO FONT SIZE OR COLOUR OTHER THAN THE REGULAR DEFAULT ONE. No massive text, no tiny text. You're not cool & different, you're just annoying.


The Following Things Must Be Under A Cut:

- All entries. ONE line of text before the cut is allowed to describe what is under the cut, including warnings etc. We are kinda lax with this rule, and put up with entries that have more than one line above the cut, but if any complaints about this are received, it will be more strictly enforced.

- Since all entry content except for short introduction is required to be under a cut in the previous rule, this one should be obvious: All images and videos. If it's really vomit-inducing, or really huge, put a bit of a warning before the cut, for those with weak stomachs/internet connections.


The Following Require A Clear Warning Before The Cut:

- As previously stated, huge and/or really gross images.

- Any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

- Posts which describe violence of any kind. Some people may be disturbed by these things, so please put a warning. Please also describe what manner of violence it is, as some people are more sensitive to one kind of violence than another. E.g: Violence against animals/animal cruelty, violence against people, violence against children.


Stuff You SHOULDN'T Do:

- Do NOT post a story involving your OMG ABUSIVE CHILDHOOD or OMG CRAZY FAMILY in order to get sympathy. If your sibling is a total slob or your parents have matching g-strings hanging on the washing line when you have friends over, or your dad leaves dirty undies on the couch, we want to hear about it. If your mother was abusive/on drugs/etc, not so much. There are support communities for that kind of thing. Someone else put it best when they said: "It's for those grody housemates that come home drunk and barf in your underwear drawer, not sob stories." Please keep this in mind when posting here.

- Do not POST IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ABOUT ANYONE. This includes but is not limited to names (first names, middle names, surnames, nicknames or screennames), phone numbers, addresses, school names, names of cafes or places where a person hangs out, email addresses, hints at keywords to Google in order to find someone, or website URLs. Comments and posts such as these will be deleted without notice or explanation, and repeat offenders will be warned and then banned. We do not wish to create drama, only report about it.

Naming people on the intarwebz can get you in trouble.... trust me, I know. Any creative names you can come up with work. I've referred to someone as The Black Death. They deserved it, too. Otherwise just make up some random name. i'd suggest NOT using just letters - e.g. "A" "B" "J" "R" etc. This can be very difficult for readers to follow. Just make up a name, please. Here are some good suggestions (no need to follow the reasoning behind them, they're just good names):

- Do not Discriminate. No abusing/attacking/making fun of/otherwise discriminating against people (whether they be members of the community OR people you mention in your post) based exclusively on their sexuality/gender identity/race/religion/etcetera. I am not a huge fan of political correctness, but hate speech, even said in jest, can breed hate. It's fine to mention their minority/identity/whatever if it is relevant, but no directly abusing based on that one characteristic of a person/group of people.

- Do not TROLL PERSONAL JOURNALS/SITES ETC. If a member of this community is found to have been trolling, anonymously or not (yes, we log IP's) other peoples' personal LJ's or other websites, they will be removed and banned from the community.

- Do not make irrelevant posts. We don't need an intro post, and we appreciate that you think we're awesome, but if you want to tell us these things but not post a story, please piss off. You're wasting space. Please be relevant in all posts. If you want to discuss past posts somewhere other than the comments, please do not make a post about a post. Go here:


Other Rules & Guidelines:

-Theme Day Rules Are Here:


When Things Go Wrong

- If someone has posted something you object to in some way, EMAIL US. Do NOT post abusive comments on it or I am likely to take action against you as well as the OP. Likewise, if you are the OP and people are posting abusive comments on your post, do NOT reply to them and try to defend yourself. Email me and get me to deal with it. Feeding trolls causes them to troll more.
More about this can be found here:

- That point once again, because it is important: DO NOT REPLY TO TROLLS.

- DO NOT DELETE TROLL COMMENTS. If someone is making trouble, we (the mods) need to hear about it. Please email us and either leave the problematic comments where they are, or at least take screenshots of them before you delete them. If we can't see what they said that was so bad, we can't really take any sort of action against them, we can't just take your word for it.

- If someone here is causing trouble, or posted a huge uncut entry you want me to delete ASAP, or you have any other questions, suggestions or worries, please feel free to email me at panache_pizazz [at], or one of the other mods.

- If you are a troll, spammer, or otherwise causing trouble, we reserve the right to boot you out. We'll try to be nice and give explanation, but sometimes we might be too busy, and you can email us to discuss it.

- We will delete posts that do not adhere to the rules, without notice. We may give notice if we're feeling tolerant/nice. But we don't have to.

If you want to know how to make an LJ-cut, how to post a picture, or any other basic How-To-LJ stuff, please direct thy noble n00b self to the LJ FAQ:

HousemateHorror Mods And Contact Details:

voodooskeleton contact matsuda_buri [at]
kimerastorm contact kimerastorm [at]
volatile_meeko contact neomeeko [at]

[lj-cut text="Witty comment here"]



Of course [ = <, ]= > (i.e. replace the above square brackets with pointy ones. thx.)
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