Chae (fuzzycthulhu) wrote in housematehorror,

Reason #3 Why My Brother Will NEVER Live With Me

So my older brother moved out last Sunday. In typical fashion (he moved out previously), he left his space in worst condition than he found it. The last time he moved, me and my younger brother spent the better part of 5 hours cleaning up the space. Since that episode resulted in both of us coming down with nasty upper respiratory infections, I refused to clean up the second time.

So yesterday my younger brother went downstairs and cleaned up the two main rooms. Since I was off today, I went to see what else needed to be cleaned. He had did a pretty good job cleaning, but he left the kitchen and bathroom area mostly untouched (it's a mother-in-law suite). As I walked into the kitchen area, I stepped into a giant puddle of water on the carpet. I'm like "the fuck is this?!" and went into the bathroom.

My older brother's toilet has been broken for the past TWO months. Instead of fixing it, he just used the bathroom upstairs. So now the ENTIRE bathroom is flooded with water, and it's starting to spill into the other room. He didn't even bother to tell anyone that the toilet was still broken. He just packed up and left.

And the worst part is that my mother is just going to fix it and clean up the mess herself. I told her that my brother needs to come back to her house and help her clean up. She responds with "he tried to fix it, but he couldn't."

*throws hands in the air*
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