craftyandy (craftyandy) wrote in housematehorror,

Land Lord Terror

Video I made paired with this

Does anyone have any stories involving crazy landlords, tenants, roomates, relatives etc. that they had to deal and live with? Feel free to share yours in the comments or private message. Sharing my experience me and my future husband had with our previous landlord. He would attempt to restrict people we know coming over, trying to kicck them out within the same day they arrive, friends who wre ready to take long trips and set to stay with us for a week, well it went from that to three days because "three days is enough" when you are driving from new jersey to michigan or flying in from russia. The same excuse "It's my house!" to justify his dickery even though we were paying him over half a grand for rent per month to live in the lower level of the house. Just a hint of the bullshit we dealt with. How bout you guys?
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