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Hate Living With Family

First off, I should let you all know that I live with my mom, my sister K, and my daughter L. My mom works full-time, third shifts in a factory. My sister works full-time at Wendy's and she's 8 months pregnant. She's 20 years old. I live off a substitute teacher's salary and measly child support (my daughter's dad lies about how much he makes).

So, we have a 4 bedroom house (the garage was added onto the house before we moved in and someone converted it into a bedroom). House has a bathroom and a half. My mom owns our home so we don't have a house payment but she does pay property taxes and of course utilities. My mom spends money faster than she makes it and then is constantly asking K and I for money. Of course, K tells her no so I have to end up giving her whatever I have left over from my bills. I pay my part of the cellphone bill, my student loan, and the rest goes to stuff for L. My mom buys anything just because it's on sale so we have a storage room full of random crap that nobody is ever going to use. I've been trying to down-size but it's a lost cause at this point since most of the stuff isn't even mine.

K thinks the world revolves around her and she thinks that she doesn't have to help with bills even though she uses the electricity, takes a shower, eats MY food. I buy all the groceries in the house and K invites her random "boyfriends" over and they eat all my food. Side note, she has no idea who her baby's father is so she's told two different guys that they are the father because she thinks they're going to give her money. Ha! Good one. Neither of them even speak to her. She is completely incapable of picking up after herself. She won't wash her own dishes, doesn't clean her room (there are clothes and trash everywhere), leaves her dishes and food in the living room, stays up all hours of the night playing loud rap music, etc. My mom has kicked her out twice but she keeps popping back up here. She has a $185 speeding ticket that she won't pay and one of our cousins put her light bill in K's name and racked it up to almost $1,000 and K won't take care of it. She is so irresponsible, I hate to see what it's going to be like when her baby is here.

My mom just recently dumped her boyfriend of two years because he lived here the whole time they were together (she kicked him out once for a month and he went to live with another woman) and never helped with bills. She even put him on our cellphone plan and he wouldn't pay his part of it. He always had money for alcohol and cigarettes though. He even literally threw away over $300 one night because he got drunk and was trying to impress his drinking buddies. He stole $200 from my mom that same night and blamed it on K. So, we've had some drama with all this. I just hate living with K. She drives me absolutely insane.

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